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When Clients Are Happy, Althea Is Happy

Althea's talents as a visionary are prodigious, and she couples them with a deep, compassionate, moral wisdom. The combination makes her a very special teacher and guide. I can't imagine anyone not being helped by her counsel.

– Alan Arkin…director/writer/actor Academy award winner for movie Little Miss Sunshine, Argo & more

Althea's Life-coaching style is to start broad, to give a neutral, objective perspective of a situation, and then go deep to give specific recommendations and teach the skills necessary for a rapid resoulution. A true recipe for success!

            –  Steven Grady MD

I just love attending Althea's workshops. I always go home with a knowing that I have set in motion positive changes in my being which translates to positive changes in my life.

– Anna Rosa Distance Healing

I love attending Althea's workshops. I have been learning so much about spirituality and its been very healing emotionally. The exercises we do are amazing and even magical at times. I have a different outlook on life now. I've learned so much. Thank you Althea for opening up my intuitive side.

– Diana DeLorenzo

Althea has gifts that have to be experienced to understand. She brings a perspective that cannot be gotten from books, therapy or life. I attribute some of my most important life decisions to her insight.

– Roni Burns – Motivational Speaker

A meeting with Althea is indeed an incredible experience. She is able to get to the deepest parts of both yourself and those around you. She was able to give me insight and direction in regard to my career, my marriage, and my family relationships, as well as my relationship with myself. Her ease, grace, warmth and humor make you completely comfortable. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

– N. Romano

Althea has astounded me with her remarkably accurate clairvoyant ability, in a world of many clairvoyants and psychics; she stands alone as a true Master who sees all and shows the way to positive change, greater possibility, and potential joy.

– Robin MacNaughton ~ Author

Who is this Althea DePascale?

Althea DePascale, co-owner of Farmington Hypnosis and Awareness Center L.L.C., in Farmington, Connecticut, is an internationally recognized, gifted and skilled clairvoyant an intuitive life-coach, medium, metaphysical teacher, as well as a multifaceted healer and a past-life facilitator. Born in Hartford Connecticut Althea’s childhood was far from typical. 

From a very early age Althea puzzled the adults in her life with her ability to read life energy force.  She recognized her abilities but being a child didn’t understand the profoundness of her gifts.  Those abilities certainly complicated some of her childhood experiences.   As she grew she began to interpret this energy and overtime became incredibly confident and competent at doing so. 

Today Althea is internationally recognized for her gifts.  For a number of years she has conducted workshops and lectures throughout New England, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.  She works with clients both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Althea believes in the continuity of life and that we are responsible for the situations that are present in our lives. She also seeks to live in accordance with discovering the truth in all things.  Living such an authentic life equates to a higher quality of “being”. Althea believes that the only energy you have control of is our own and what we do with it impacts the entire universe. 

Althea still finds it amazing to witness the power of energy flowing as it is applied for beneficial purposes.  She continuously witnesses Infinite possibilities unfolding in a myriad of ways. One can magically find themselves in just the right place at the right time  being being offered the opportunity of making life afltering decisions and changes.  These decisions and changes will give one a higher quality of life as well as impact the rest of the universe for good.

Althea has studied energy authorities such as Drs.Valerie Hunt, Robert Becker, Randolph Stone, Richard Gerber, Rosalyn Bruyere and many other luminaries.   She is certified in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), medical hypnotism, and past life regression and has also worked in the self-empowerment field for more than 27 years.  With such comprehensive training experiences Althea is most enthusiastic and qualified in helping her clients become their intended “real” selves.Clients, under Althea’s mentoring, are given the opportunity to be person they were meant to be as they become the architects of their own lives. 

Althea is most eager to share what she has learned during her extensive career. Her workshops cover such topics as medium training, intuition and energy, past life regression, self-healing, authenticity, empowering change, electromagnetic energy, chakras and opportunities with spirit. They are filled with encouragement, support, interactions and the right amount of humor, fun and practice with hands-on instruction.

Are you ready to move forward with Althea’s insights?

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Althea DePascale Medium ~ Clairvoyant ~ Intuitive Mentor Date: April 28, 2018 Location: Avant Garde Holistic Spa Address: 328 E. main St. Branford, CT Time: 7:30 am - 9:30 pm Price: $20.00 For Reservations: 203 481-8443 JOIN US FOR...

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Mediumship Training

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